(create a ‘Do Not Track Me’ list to prevent online companies from gathering our personal information, consumerwatchdog, 2010)


Do you want Google or any other online company looking over your shoulder and tracking your every move online just so it can increase its profits? Consumers have a right to privacy. They should control how their information is gathered and what it is used for. By Jamie Court

Google, a ubiquitous name, couple years ago, it was not well known of, and now there is even a verb for it!? Which is GOOGLE it!! Means telling you to get on the almighty Google website and type in the information that you required and it will automatically show up the most relevant information or website that will answer your questions. So it’s a search engine?! No no, it is more than a search engine, Google started up with the core business based on search engine, but now it has developed and diversified the company’s product range, and with all of its developments, Google is slightly off tracked with its original mission, to provide an access to a better search tool (Cory, 2010), and by saying Google are not just search engine, are not only pointing out its product diversification strategy but also implying that, what Google does are not only help us to search information, but also help other to search our information, have you ever wonder, how on the earth Google can so well matched the criteria that we have type into that clean and clear search bar webpage, and come up with the information that is perfectly just happened to be what we needed, and have you ever wondered when you searched some holiday vacation place with Google, and one or two days later, you will surprisingly received some so called spam and happen to be the place that you have searched before, that is very caring isn’t it?! I am not a anti-Googler, as matter of fact, I love Google!!, it helps quite lot in fact, it is really handy while I am working on certain project, and 90 percent out of my research, were all via the Google vehicle, it answers, no matter what question, big, small, official, academic,, all sorts of questions that I have got, were answered by Google, but when I was working on this online blogging assignment, I came across this video called “Don’t Be Evil’’, which was created by consumerwatchdog.org. consumerwatchdog.org is an American based organization formerly called the foundation for taxpayer and consumer rights, and now it is a nationally recognized consumer group who fight for civilians against corrupt corporations and crooked politicians(consumerwatchdog, 2010), and in one of its most popular article, which is the what Google have been doing, the consumer watch dog accusing Google for manipulating customer’s information and inappropriately inform to customer and conduct profile of customer without customer being aware of, is in a way offending customer’s privacy rights, and I for one, agree with its view of how Google is gathering our searching habit, and profiling it, for the purpose of business profiteering. In consumerwatchdog.org under the inside Google section you will be able to explore more about how Google is reacting to this accusation, and Scroogle claimed by using their search engine will be able to stop all of the tracking by Google, have a look if interested.


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